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May 1st - July 24th 



A Course inspired by the book:  ~ A Spiritual Quest of the Heart. 

1 Book  -  10 Countries  -  13 Weeks


“This book is an EXPERIENCE.” ~ Dave Thompson 

Journey with me, Henrietta, the author of The Sacred Marriage over 13 weeks as we move through the 3 Pillars of the book, together:


Henrietta Chalice_edited.jpg

  • Sacred Leadership 

  • The Wise One Within

  • The Sacred Marriage

Awakening the Avatar is simply a byproduct of journeying through this book. It is energetically encoded within it. 

10 sacred sound journeys (audio trans:missions) take you there from within. 


All you have to do is be open to receiving. 


Embody true trinity consciousness within your being, cross the threshold of your own becoming, into a world you create into being/form. 



Testimonials & Reviews: 


“Enchanting.” “Outstanding.”“A Masterpiece.”

“Mystical, magical, beyond words… “

“An alchemical shift, across dimensions, for your highest timeline." 

“A life changing powerful spiritual initiation.”

“Divine energy radiates off every page.” 

“Magical, miraculous, romantic, spiritual, impossibly good and true!”

“An amazing love story spanning many lifetimes, time and space.”

“This is a marriage of the new age…an example of the shift in consciousness of humanity.”

¨True embodiment of The Sacred Marriage will change the world as we know it.¨

~ Henrietta



A book, a community, a course and ultimately a completely transformational experience. 




Awakening the Avatar through the Art of Resurrection.

Becoming a Cosmic Human.

Dates: May 1st - July 26th  /   Investment: AUD$1300


EARLY BIRD SPECIAL AUD$1100 if you register and pay before April 22nd 2024 


After April 22nd, price returns to AUD$1300


*This space is limited for an intimate experience*


What you receive:

  • 1 x hard cover copy of THE SACRED MARRIAGE ~ A Spiritual Quest of the Heart (The Book) 

  • 13 x weekly Zoom Meetings with Henrietta (all recorded)

  • 1 x sacred container for 13 weeks & private group

  • Gold (Sacred Marriage) chalice crystal bowl activations for opening and closing ceremony 

  • 1 x special guest appearance / co-host Chris (Henrietta’s husband and co-pilot)


VIP Upgrades:

  • 1 x Personal Soul Embodiment Session with Henrietta aka GOLDPRINT AUD$333 (normally $555)

  • 1 x Master Energy Healing with Chris aka THE WISE ONE AUD$333 

  • 1 x Voxer support throughout the 13 weeks AUD$888

Join me in what I’m coining 2024 ~ THE YEAR OF THE COSMIC BUTTERFLY 


For the time of the caterpillar has expired. 


It’s time to fly! Together. 


H x 


To realize one’s destiny is a persons only obligation”

~ Paulo Coelho

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