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The SacreD Marriage




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A Spiritual Quest of the Heart.

Journey with me, Henrietta, the author of The Sacred Marriage over 11 weeks as we move through the 3 Pillars of the book, together:

  • Sacred Leadership 

  • The Wise One Within &

  • The Sacred Marriage

Awakening the Avatar is simply a byproduct of journeying through this book. It is energetically encoded within it. 10 sacred sound journeys (audio trans:missions) take you there from within. Embody true trinity consciousness within your being, cross the threshold of your own becoming into a world you create into being/form. 

All you have to do is be open to receiving. 

“Enchanting.” “Outstanding.”“A Masterpiece.”

To realize one’s destiny is a persons only obligation” ~ Paulo Coelho


A book, a community, a course and ultimately a completely transformational EXPERIENCE. 

What you receive:

  • 1 x signed hardcover copy of THE SACRED MARRIAGE The Book 

  • 11 x weekly Zoom Meetings with Henrietta (all recorded)

  • 1 x sacred container for 11 weeks & private group

  • Gold (Sacred Marriage) chalice crystal bowl activations at every meeting

  • 1 x special guest co-host Chris (Henrietta’s husband and co-pilot)

Join me in what I’m coining 2024 ~ THE YEAR OF THE COSMIC BUTTERFLY 

For the time of the caterpillar has expired. 


It’s time to fly! Together. 


H x 

VIP upgrades:

  • 1 x Personal Soul Activation Session with Henrietta aka GOLDPRINT AUD$444 (valued at $888)

  • 1 x Energy Healing with Chris aka THE WISE ONE $444 (valued at $888)

  • Voxer support throughout the 11 weeks $1111 (valued at $2222)

New Course Landing in 2024

A calendar will be uploaded here

Jan 11th

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