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The Sacred Marriage

Divine Union

 In essence, The Sacred Marriage is a Divine Union of Spirit and Matter. An inner alchemical process that takes place within you, and ultimately reflected outside of you.

Hieros Gamos is The Sacred Marriage between Human Being and Divinity (the inner spirit) and the unification of between all life expressions and its levels of opposite. 

It is the sacrement that represents The Sacred Marriage at the individual level, to the relationship level, to the group level as part of Spiritual Ascension, moving through the spirialing staircase of time to experience unification with or marry all aspects of Source.

When we marry source through the sacrement of The Sacred Marriage, the Christos-Sophia Returns.  

The perfect balance between masculine and feminine principles, United as One, is our true destiny of Spiritual Freedom.

The Sacred Marriage was founded by Henrietta in 2021 and first anchored at Rosslyn Chapel with Christopher. 


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